Testing Facility

about_usSQA Canada has its own Test Lab that offers all of the advantages of offshore testing and has none of the disadvantages. All work is done in Toronto, Canada by ISTQB certified software testers at competitive rates.

No Communication Challenges: There are no culture or language barriers, and no time zone or geographic differences. Studies have shown that cultural differences alone are responsible for up to a 200% cost increase due to poor communication and a 20% decrease in testing efficiency.

Full Accountability: We’re right here. No expensive foreign travel. No hidden test management overhead. No high turnover rates (as high as 80% overseas). No geopolitical risks or intellectual property worries. If your project requires close interaction with your outsource partner, we’re right here. Over the years, we have developed expertise in a variety of different industries, including insurance, banking, energy, manufacturing, defence and gaming, among others.