.NET Application Development

.NET Programming Projects

We provide consulting and programming in all areas of the .NET framework. We can lead your .NET development with best practices and expertise in design, development, testing, and implementation. .NET is a powerful platform to build database interfaces, custom software, and business applications, saving development expense using plug and play controls. We offer:

  • ASP.NET: best for web databases and applications

  • C#.NET and VB.NET desktop software

  • Well-functioning and eye catching and user interfaces and navigations
  • Optimization of database connectivity
  • Sound advice on what platform is best and when to use .NET vs Silverlight or MS Access/Excel

Rapid .NET Application Development in Visual Studio

We are Visual Studio experts. Visual Studio provides a way to simplify effort and the time that it is required to develop powerful and trustworthy web and desktop solutions. Visual Studio .NET has the ability to increase the productivity and assists businesses with the demands of a rapid cost effective change to the application capabilities by offering end-to-end web and .NET capabilities with scalable and reusable server-side components.

ASP.NET development using best practices and field tested expertise. Our experts can:
  • Architect an ASP.NET web application
  • Correctly setup Web Site and Web Application projects
  • Use the correct controls, navigation controls
  • Design and develop custom controls
  • Save time using proven third party controls
  • Create stunning User Interfaces and navigation
  • Optimize database connectivity
  • Increase performance thru Ajax and other user interface optimization techniques
ASP.NET MVC consulting and solutions using field proven best practices. Our expert consultants can help you:
  • Architect, design, and develop a solution built on ASP.NET MVC
  • Understand and use the best practices for the Model-View-Controller pattern
  • Create controllers and actions for workflow management
  • Correctly use methods and results
  • Design and construct custom classes
  • Determine if the Entity Framework data model
  • Troubleshoot your ASP.NET MVC application
  • Optimize ASP.NET MVC performance
C#.NET Development:
  • Help you architect and design a scalable, leverage-able C#-based framework and application
  • Create WinForms using UI best practices
  • Create web-based applications with C# as the managed language
  • Leverage WPF, WCF, WF, and LINQ in C#
  • Create secure, robust web services
  • Integrate .NET applications with COM, Java, or legacy systems
  • Troubleshoot “random” issues in your C# applications
  • Use SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, as well as enterprise multi-terabyte database systems
  • Use Team Foundation Server for the SDLC platform
  • Target performance issues in C#