Our Mission

“Quality in not an act, it is a habit.” – Aristotle

Business and consumer demands have evolved around the world and become more dependent on software applications to perform critical functions.

We get it. We get that your business doesn’t need “the runaround”. We get that your customers expect you to provide defect-free applications. We get that your business needs to ensure on-time delivery of projects.

At SQA Canada, we have an environment where excellence is expected.

Our three pillars of customer service are:

Flexible – At SQA Canada, we help ensure that your business is able to provide the best solutions for your customers. We do this by being flexible to your business needs. If we have to work harder to make sure you don’t miss a deadline, we will do it. If you want to implement last minute changes, we will be there to help.

Fair – Transparency is key to us. At SQA Canada, we believe an honest and forthcoming relationship is essential for success. Our success depends on your success, and that’s why we will always ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Friendly – At SQA Canada, we want to share a mutual understanding of expectations, commitments and goals with your business. We want you to be comfortable sharing your goals and expectation with us and therefore our demeanour is always friendly.