Performance Testing

Performance Testing is sort of testing perform to decide the execution of framework to major the measure, approve or confirm quality properties of the framework like responsiveness, Speed, Scalability, Stability under assortment of load conditions. The framework is tried under a blend of load conditions and check the time required reacting by the framework under changing workloads. Programming execution testing includes the testing of use under test to guarantee that application is filling in of course under assortment of load conditions.

The objective of execution testing isn’t just discover the bugs in the framework yet in addition wipe out the execution bottlenecks from the framework.

Why do performance testing?

Before going live in the market, the product framework ought to be tried against the Speed, Stability and adaptability under assortment of load conditions. In the event that framework goes live without doing execution testing may cause the issues like running framework moderate while all the while getting to framework by a few clients, poor convenience which liable to pick up the terrible notoriety and it influences the normal deals objective specifically. Execution testing envelops a scope of various tests which empower investigation of different parts of the framework.

The Performance testing guides about what requirements to settle before going live (for the most part the issues looked under the assortment of load conditions).

The Types of Performance Testing :

  • Load Testing
  • Test Conditions
  • Timing
  • Stress Testing
  • Render Response Time
  • Report and Analysis
  • Concurrent Users
  • Server Response Time

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