Why Choose Us?

ISTQB certified QAs

  • All our QAs possess at minimum an ISTQB certification.

Reliability and Trust

  • Our QAs are 100% locals, based in Toronto, Canada
  • We are near-shore and accountable for our work

We Handle your QA Headache

  • We can ramp up or ramp down resources for your project when needed
  • We can provide resources to work onsite or offsite
  • Standardized Processes
  • We make sure our resources are trained, pursue continuing education, and keep up to date in their field
  • We assign a range of junior to senior QAs based on the complexity of your project requirements, don’t pay senior QA rates for junior QA work

All Testing Divisions

  • All our testing divisions are located next to each other
  • Have total control over what types of testing you want, choose manual, then go for mobile, or even automate your testing
  • All documentation for your project is available to each testing division as needed, per your requirements
  • No communication bottleneck going from manual to automation to performance to mobile testing
  • All requirements are discussed and explained in face to face meetings between testing divisions

Customized Solutions for Testing Services

  • We have our own training institute with dedicated instructors and leading professionals in the QA industry
  • We can output highly trained, highly capable testers based on your testing requirements
  • Highly customized QAs trained to your needs


  • Our testers are overseen by leads who are overseen by managers
  • All our testers are guided by division team leads, guaranteeing your work is done right
  • No hidden costs associated with management, all prices are internalized into one rate