Regression Testing

We specialize in regression testing of software products through Alpha, Beta and FCR release phases.

Whether the product development is done in-house or outsourced or whether agile processes are implemented or otherwise – we are familiar with the challenges in identifying all the important defects.

Regression testing means rerunning test cases from existing test suites to ensure that software changes have no unexpected side-effects.

The “ideal” way out would be to create an extensive test suite and run it after any change. Unfortunately, for many projects this is just impossible because test suites are too large, and projects are changed too often, or just because testing should be performed on many different hardware and OS platforms.

These and other issues have not been considered in current research, as they strongly affect the applicability of the proposed regression testing processes.

Moreover, we believe that solutions of these problems can be worked out in order to reduce the costs and increase the advantages of the regression testing service.

Automated regression testing is the testing area where we can automate most of the testing efforts. We run all the previously executed test cases this means we have test case set available and running these test cases manually is time consuming.