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SQA Canada evaluates the price depending on Accelerator Development Architecture which uses reusable components and Testing Techniques to be used in the project and activities to be performed on the business domain. As a rule, our project consulting and implementation includes phases-wise roadmaps for shippable releases including testing activities. Therefore, the final pricing needs can be addressed considering the details of the specific project.

Our Accelerator Framework provides a RAD Environment that produces well-designed, n-tier code that can run in a client / server, web or mobile deployment. The key benefits of this framework are rapid time-to-market, low investment risk and scalable and secure architecture. On the testing side, the manual black-box testing technique tends to be the most cost-efficient. Testing techniques such as automated testing, usability testing, code and documentation analysis are costly given the expertise required to perform them. Using special techniques and/or testing tools may attracts special rates and is subjected to an independent discussion.

SQA Canada has 3 basic forms of business pricing models – Fixed cost (FC), Time & Material (T&M), and Dedicated Testing Team (DTT). But the payment scheme can be changed during the project according to mutual agreement.


Fixed cost projects areusually small testing projects (ideally no more than 2-3 man-months) or projects with clear and stable requirements. PILOT PROJECT  is a sort of fixed cost project. Small trial projects (usually no more than 3-6 man-weeks) with am aiming to demonstrate the standard of quality, level of communication and compliance to obligations, QA standards, etc. Depending upon the agreement,the discount can be up to 25-35%.

In case the timelines and budget of the project is fixed, it must be taken under Fixed Cost business model as this model is ideally suited for small to medium sized projects.


The project is implemented within the fixed cost and well-defined schedule

The scope of the project and the services is agreed upon and exact plan is prepared

Business must provide SQA Canada with the well-defined set of requirements before the engagement starts

SQA Canada provides the business with the overall project estimation based on the finalisation of services

Business will pay for any additional request over the fixed scope and budget

Before the beginning of project testing activities, SQA Canada experts collaborate with the business to discuss their scope of the work and project requirements. The client is then provided with accurate project estimates based on the project plan and documentation. Once the schedule and budget are approved by the client, the development activities get started.

With SQA Canada, you can be sure that the project is completed and implemented in the defined timeline alongside the software development, compliance and quality testing standards.

The Fixed Cost business model is ideal for those who don’t want to deep dive in the technical aspects of the project. In case you want to be aware of the project implementation, our team will provide you with the comprehensive information.


Time & Material business model is used for comparatively long-term projects in which the total effort cannot be forecasted accurately and/or the scope of work keeping on varying. The payment is planned on the time rate basis.

This model became one of the popular models given its flexibility to manage the available resources. It is mostly applied to the long-term projects where the exact project forecast is impossible to define due to the scale of the project or impossibility of defining the time-frame and the cost. Accelerator Development uses this delivery model.


Flexibility in project plan

Client can plan to pay in portions

The scope and timeline of the project isn’t accurately defined

The payment can be planned to be made on the time rate basis

Easy adaption to any changes in the project

Frequent shippable releases

Prior to working under the T&M project, our managers closely collaborate with business to help them define the most appropriate business model. In case the business is unable to provide us with the exact requirements and any possible anticipated changes during the project implementation, our managers suggest the Time & Material model.

Business can easily monitor all the processes in the project. Since the billing is done on hourly/daily basis, business doesn’t have to worry about any modifications in timeline and additional expenses over the fixed cost.

With SQA Canada, business can be sure that the project will be delivered in accordance with the latest testing standards. The detailed documentation of the project implementation will be provided the business.


Leasing a dedicated project team is a brilliant alternative for software development or testing companies as well as for IT departments of large corporates that strive to cut their testing costs and concentrate on their core activities.

We allow our clients to increase their own resources in the most cost-effective way. If you opt for this model,  you will have a team of developers, designers and testers exclusively working on your project in compliance with your requirements. You will have a complete control over the project delivery process and will be able to manage the team directly. You can observe the team work via instant messengers, e-mails and telephones, audio/ video conference tools as well as applications. Flexible contract terms make this model ever more profitable.


Perfect alignment with your business purposes

Greater level of project security control, IP rights protection and privacy

Lower prices compared to other models

Variable engagement contract

Option to select team members, direct access to each team member

Transparent workflow with tight integration with your production procedure

SQA Canada follows multi-stage development and testing team establishment process to increase the benefits of dedicated team business model:

Our experts analyse the project scope and requirement

We prepare an agreement depending upon the analysis

A team of developers and testers in set up in agreement with client’s requirements

Irrespective of the business model you choose, our principles of relations with customers remain unchanged– partnership, collaboration, accountability, confidentiality and clear communication.

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