Software testing techniques that ensure a quality product that serves its cause. Validate the functionality of your system with our functional testing services. The services we assist in the evaluation of the functionality of a developed application or software.


The purpose and features of the software are put to test by entering data and analyzing the results. The functional testing procedure involves:

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After the collection of data, we analyze the test results. The collected data analysis helps in changing the strategies used and improvising the plan of action accordingly to ensure better performance and results.

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We at SQA Canada serve a unique Quality Assurance test strategy that can determine what you want and whether a designed program can help you achieve it or not. Your success depends on certain variables, and our services measure all the variables like leadership, program management, and the functionality of a program. After being tested, all the variables are coordinated to produce the best possible results.

Our services ensure that all variables are accounted for and are considered. Hence prestigious companies like BMO, combined insurance, Four seasons hotels, and many more have utilized our services.



Whenever a company wants to launch a new product, they have specific goals to meet and attract an audience. However, when the product is ready to be shelved, it has to go through a trial run, the functional testing part. We should test the developed software to see whether the product serves the actual purpose that it was made for. Functional testing allows the removal of bias as well as ensuring the quality.

Results Expectations

Softwares fulfill the purpose for which they are designed. A particular result is expected from the developed software.


Knowing the purposes of software is the essential requirement of functional testing.


After providing the required information in the software, the IT specialists compile test results, and then they are compared to the expected results.


Functional testing has innumerable benefits. Please make the most out of your software from our services. The following are some of the benefits you gain from us.

Fact-Based Results

The functional testing results depend upon customer usage, and hence they rely on credible fact-based knowledge. Functional testing doesn’t work on any assumptions.

Reduction of Risks

Functional testing service for your program will help reduce the chances that you’re likely to face shortly. If you don’t utilize a credible functional testing service, you might end up facing some severe consequences.

High Quality

Functional testing serves high quality and ensures that the users are delighted with the results. Get the best product by utilizing our Functional testing services.


Employing a functional testing service would leave you with a perfect product, a bug-free product.


We study each case in detail, and we serve our consumers with top-notch bespoke services. Our functional testing also helps each consumer the way they want. Consumers are thoroughly involved in the testing procedure, as all variable quantities are to be considered.

With our services, we also ensure the quality, which raises the chance of succeeding in the world of advanced technology and modernity. Utilizing our services would be like teaching a bird how to fly before kicking it out of the nest.

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We utilize advanced tools to ensure quality and reduce the number of risks that any software can encounter. List of some major tools we use are:

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