“To successfully implement continuous delivery, you need to change the culture of how an entire organization views software development efforts.”

A smooth interaction and collaboration between the development, test automation, and operations teams across multiple platforms ensure the fast release and continuous development of an organization’s cloud-based applications and software. DevOps practices and advanced technologies (like DevTestOps, DevSecOps, AIOps, Continuous Testing, and others) that the teams follow ensure high quality, competent, and fast deliverable applications to keep up with client’s preferences.

The implementation of these testing practices with advanced technologies bring a cultural shift that results in:


sing icon Enhanced collaboration across various teams
sing icon Improvement in the quality of code
sing icon An increased response rate of business requirements changes
sing icon Inculcating shift left testing practice to prevent defects in the earlier stages
sing icon Creating a sprouting environment for Software Development Engineers in Test

Devops Testing Services

All these points are crucial in developing DevOps effective solutions. The cultural shift depends on continuously improving the workflow strategy, architecture, and infrastructure of the application to produce impeccable quality applications depending on the organization’s needs and target audience.

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SQA Canada has the most competent staff of engineers, developers, and consultants. Here are a few reasons to WHY CHOOSE US among others.

Skilled Employees

SQA Canada has the most competent staff of engineers, developers, and consultants. All our team members are highly-cooperative with clients as well as other team members. They will collaborate and help your software reach perfection.

Right Strategy

When our expert teams of development and operation combine, they help you choose the best DevOps strategy that is just right for you and your software. The right approach will enhance the software delivery lifecycle.

Quality Assurance

Utilizing our services, you will learn that serving with quality is not just an act; it is our habit. Our teams strive hard to serve customers the way they want with no compromise to quality.


Working with SQA Canada, a DevOps service provider, helps organizations inculcate and run the best DevOps automation techniques and strategies with quality benefits like:

sing icon Consistent and automatic monitoring of application quality
sing icon Automated virtualized test environments solutions
sing icon Adopting standard DevOps processes, solutions, approach, and strategies
sing icon Reporting, in-depth DevOps test automation, the deployment procedure


Moreover, with our experience and expertise, clients reap the benefits like:

sing icon Reduction in time to market through parallel testing procedure and continuous delivery
sing icon Enhanced efficiency and utilization of resources
sing icon Speed up the release of products into the production process
sing icon Create a collaborative environment between teams through CD (Collaborative Development)
sing icon Continuous Testing (CT) through automated software testing with implementation and functioning to improve the quality of code
sing icon Improving quality through constant monitoring
sing icon Thorough and consistent feedback with necessary improvements across the software lifecycle


All of our developers, consultants, and IT specialists are highly trained and experienced in their respective domains. SQA Canada not only provides you with testing services but also offers consulting, training, and recruitment services. We are an internationally recognized IT company known to provide the best software testing and training services.

We deliver the best service because we continuously work on improving our standards through consistent research and learning about the trends in the Software Industry.

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DevOps testing has taken the world by a blow. It is expected to earn a revenue of 6.6 billion in 2022. People in the software world have changed their focus from CI pipelines to DevOps

Test Automation

Test Automation

DevOps test automation has changed many budding companies; hence it has been the topic of significant discussions. The future holds an image of a software world with zero touch automation.



Coding has forever been the central pillar of Software development. Hence, software development will depend on DevOps because it is just about making the delivery process more manageable. Coding will increase the efficiency of the software.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

As new opportunities are budding for artificial intelligence to excel, it is primarily going to depend on the DevOps method to deal with automated pipelines, their maintenance, and testing each model that is produced.



DevOps testing will be including a more robust security system because breaches can affect a company’s reputation.


At SQA Canada, our teams use the following DevOps tools with effective methodologies to produce high-quality deliverables:

Soap UI

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