“Software testing proves the presence of bugs, not their absence.”

Test automation service ensures that the tests run automatically. The tedious process manages the test data and utilizes its results to enhance software quality. Though it is a Quality Assurance practice, the process involves the communication and commitment of the entire software production team. Testers, developers, coders, DevOps engineers- test automation requires everyone’s inclusion to deliver a high-quality product to the clients.

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SQA Canada utilizes stunning and unique test automation engineering techniques and integrates them with advanced technologies to provide the best test automation service.

Experienced Engineers

SQA Canada has a team of the most experienced engineers who specialize in test automation services. We serve our consumers with excellence due to our specialized team, which is qualified to handle all kinds of test automation platforms.

Advanced Technology

We are equipped with the right technology to help you in achieving the goals you aim for. With skilled professionals and all the tools you need, we will help your software gain in-house.

Right Process

Our team will help you pick out the best methodology for you, which will get you the results you want. With our test automation services, we will help your software update and keep up with the accuracy of the changes you desire.


Test automation has innumerable benefits. Please make the most out of your software from our services. The following are some of the benefits you gain from us.

Fast Feedback

Automated testing is the solution to eradicate any communication problem between you and our team. We ensure communication between coders, designers, and stakeholders to rectify potential errors and glitches quickly.

Cut Business Software Costs

With manual testing replaced and fewer hours of work required by the QA team, the money you spend on the tedious testing later and removing glitches reduces. In contrast, the work we deliver retains high-quality and decreases fixing the glitches after product release.

Enhanced Product Delivery

Test automation ensures the removal of human mistakes. Testing doesn’t overlook the mistakes made or overlooked by a person.

Earlier Defect Detection

With easier defect documentation, the overall development speed increases while confirming correct functionality throughout the project. Earlier defect detection means a more cost-effective glitch solution.

Quicker Time-to-Market

With constant test cases executing simultaneously, test automation greatly enhances and quickens any product’s production speed. The reduced time-to-market of an application assures the fast execution of test cases in the test library while running longer than the manual testing.

Better Test Coverage

Test automation ensures the testing of extra functionalities due to the testers’ work and time reduced. This extra test functionality improves and removes any potential glitches while performing manual tests where required.


We deliver it better and as quickly as possible with no compromise to quality. Our services are entirely meant to support and assist our consumers in reaching their goals. We strive to eliminate all kinds of breaches and flaws in your software beforehand. Expert engineers at the SQA Canada are happy to serve you with excellence based on years of experience.

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Since the ever-evolving technology is bringing about advancements in our lives, SQA Canada has been striving to stay up-to-date and is known to keep up with the trends. We integrate the various processes of automation to deliver excellence to our customers. Here are a few trends in Test Automation.

Hyper Automation

Hyper Automation

Hyper Automation involves quick automation services using multiple advanced technologies like RPA, AI, ML, NLP, etc. This trend is a great way to decrease the amount of manual labor, and it also saves capital and time.

Autonomous Test Automation

Autonomous Test Automation

Autonomous test automation is the latest trend as it allows utilizing this service without having any one-to-one interaction. DevTestOps and Multi Experience testing are also some top trends in test automation.

IoT Test Automation

IoT Test Automation

This trend enhances the users’ experience, but it also demands a robust security system, as any breach in it can cause serious damage. Please Add More Text Here. It Needs More text for Alignment.


Our skilled testers and team use the following tools, depending on the project and its requirements. Each tool used delivers impeccable quality work while keeping the bar of brilliance high.

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