“If an end-user perceives bad performance from your website, her next click will likely be on” – Ian Molyneaux

It is not a doubt that organizations face the toughest challenges in maintaining their business applications’ performance and scalability. The organization exposes itself to intolerable slackening and failures, which drives loyal and potential clients away and wipes out any company’s foundation because of not having effective strategies to predict the system’s behavior and performance in real-time conditions. Thus, software performance testing has become one of the most vital services while testing any application with an effective performance testing strategy.

Performance Testing Services

At SQA Canada, we have a team of skilled engineers whose expertise lies in developing performance tests for different applications following an effective performance testing methodology.

We offer our performance testing service by addressing the product’s requirements in different domains and technologies. For any application’s desirable user experience, we conduct website load services and mitigate every intricate issue that comes forth during the process. Our team is ever-evolving and grows as the technology flourishes in the industry.

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SQA Canada is a technology services company that holds expertise in various services for consumers to test their software before launching them into the real world. Our experienced engineers and developers can assist in removing the bugs from your system. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us:


Utilizing our services, you can totally depend on our team of experts. We hire the best and allocate a whole team of niche players to strengthen your software.


We promise excellence in terms of providing expert engineers who excel at their respective domains and the quality of service they provide. We ensure that experts of our team collaborate and work through your concerns.

Continuous Learning

Given that our domain has everything to do with ever-evolving technology, we engage ourselves in continuous learning. Our research process results in continuous improvement of standards, which ensures quality.


Our software testing removes risks and is a great way to add innovation to software programs and test them beforehand. We have gained so much experience over time that we know how to cater to every client.


While working with SQA Canada, along with service clients get some effective benefits. The following are some of the benefits you gain from us.

Speed, Accuracy, and Scalability

Our service measures the application’s peak performance by measuring the performance speed, accuracy, and stability under duress to provide essential information on the scalability of the software to make informed decisions before changing any aspect.

Enhanced Optimization and Load Capacity

We ensure the application runs smoothly with our service while dealing with a high volume of data without affecting the software to bag and increase as many users as possible.

Address Conflicts and Resolving Them

With a thorough performance testing methodology, we identify the issues and fix them before releasing the application to the public. Our effective testing strategy ensures that we focus on the application’s growth after release, which makes it cost-effective instead of fixing issues after release, which will continue to grow.


Our performance testing service will improve the processing of the designed software program, not only in terms of speed, response, and reliability of the software. We will work upon bringing innovation in the program designed by using advanced technology and programming techniques. Our experts will be assisting you 24/7, as customer satisfaction is something that we value the most.

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IoT is one of the most remarkable testing trends of digital transformation in the last few years.

Performance Engineering

Performance Engineering

Performance engineering is the latest trend in performance testing. While performance testing was based upon testing the speed, response & software validity, engineering expands to testing the capabilities & standard practices to improve the performance.

Shift Left Performance

Shift Left Performance

This trend of performance testing is a way to test the performance by introducing innovative new tools and languages that are developer-friendly. This trend will enable performance tasks to fit in with the software used by the developer.

Browser Performance Testing

Browser Performance Testing

A unique trend we would be focusing more on the software’s performance than minor details like minor editing, correlation, and programming. All these things are quite necessary for programmers who use protocol-based recording tools.


Undergoing performance testing by our seasoned professionals ensures quality, security, performance, and mitigating any potential or identified issues in the process. Our team uses:

Performance Center

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