“Artificial intelligence is one of the most profound things we’re working on as humanity. It is more profound than fire or electricity.” – Sundar Pichai

Artificial Intelligence has truly changed the face of the earth. With technology advancing rapidly and used for testing various applications to enhance quality, organizations can face multiple hurdles. These hurdles include:

sing icon Identification of exact use cases
sing icon Not knowing which strategies to follow
sing icon Unaware of what needs to be done
sing icon Understanding an application’s behavior based on the data fed into the system
sing icon Testing applications based on performance, security, functionality, scalability, etc.

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Our skilled domain experts and team approach any project with a practical and realistic take on AI testing that requires short test cycles while maintaining an affordable budget.

Bespoke Service

A significant reason why one should choose our service is that we customize service according to the client’s demands. Our trained team works with the client to understand the needs, and once understood, they try to meet them by leveraging tools, trends, and advanced technology.

We Hire the Best

To be a part of the SQA Canada team, one needs to qualify specific merits and is also assessed through an interview and a merit-based assessment. So, you can trust our team of IT specialists and experts to help your software system reach the level of perfection you want.

Nurturing Environment

We serve with excellence and try our best to keep and nurture our relationship with prestigious clients. Our team of experts strives hard to create a strong bond with our clients, and amongst themselves, this creates a nurturing environment that empowers us to achieve success.


In this time of fast-paced application advancements and transformations for companies, it has become the need to automate their application’s test requirement traceability, quicken the quality assurance cycle, and reduce test management costs.

Reliable Accuracy

To avoid any human error while dealing with repetitive tasks, our AI testing strategies assure executing tasks as intended and testing the same tasks successfully on repeat. While our robust testing methodology takes place, the seasoned AI testers put their complete focus on developing robust automation solutions that only they can perform.

Increase in Overall Test Coverage

AI testing is a means to dig deeper into the tests’ scope. Our effective AI testing automation methodology, enables the execution of thousands of test cases in a single run, which is impossible when tested manually.


We have a decade of experience, so we have qualified software developers who have excelled in their respective domains. We specialize in Enterprise Software Development: QA, RPA, AI, and much more. We deliver it better because we engage ourselves and continuous research work that lets us build our standards higher and higher each day.

AI Testing Services

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With the revolution of technology, Artificial intelligence is a field that has opportunities budding with every passing day.

Advanced Tools

Advanced Tools

AI testing is changing and advancing every day; hence the tools for testing artificial intelligence will also adapt to the newest technologies with time. Artificial intelligence will manage, select, and drive systems quicker and more efficiently.

360-degree Spin

360-degree Spin

AI would be 360-degrees pen towards a better life in terms of software development & testing. Artificial intelligence testing programs can offer the generation of test cases for other apps. Also, artificial intelligence is going to take the software industry towards advancement that no one had ever imagined.


Cutting-edge technology requires best practices and tools. The AI testing team at SQA uses the following tools to develop a robust strategy to test any application across different platforms.

testcraft icon
Sauce Labs

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